Hooligan Jihad

by Last Under The Sun



"From the outset, the record smacks you in the face like a Molotov cocktail – and the nihilism that oozes through the lyrics suggests that this is pretty much what Last Under The Sun had in mind. The latest offering from the Birmingham noise merchants isn’t going to win any awards for originality or innovation, but it may pick up a few for sheer unashamed brutality. It has a true punk mentality about it. Not trying to be anything ground-breaking, it’s just good, solid, punk rock. It does though veer away from the simple in terms of the guitars and during the break-downs; they’re twisted and tweaked in all sorts of directions, adding additional layers to their sound. They have a sound that is undoubtedly tight, well-conceived and clearly written and performed by passionate and talented young men. It’s music to get sweaty to If you like your punk loud, fast and have a sudden urge to tip over a police car, there probably isn’t a better EP to provide the soundtrack." - Mike Brown, Kemptation (Dec 14, 2011)


released September 11, 2011

All songs by Last Under The Sun

Simon Reeves - Bass
Mark Badger - Vocals / Guitar
Seano Porno - Vocals / Guitar
Simon James - Drums

Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording Studios, Musoplex, Birmingham, England between July and August 2010



all rights reserved


Last Under The Sun Birmingham, UK

Fast Chaotic Hardcore Punk Rock from Birmingham England. Last Under The Sun includes members of Police Bastard, Jilted Generation, Less for Murder & Lokey. Some of the bands that Last Under The Sun have played with include: Subhumans, Active Minds, Red Flag 77, Drongos for Europe, Headjam, Bus Station Looonies, Kismet HC, Dufus, Tiny Elvis, Sensa Yuma, Tarantism, D.O.A, Agrotoxico, Unkind, Uganga. ... more

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Track Name: More Helicopters
Had me sign a dotted line
sent me out there doing time
trained me hard, worked my mind
we broke their hearts and blew their minds

how many people die
for a worthless cause
how many people die
i dont wanna die
in some desert war
i dont want to die

think of all of them back home
we're out here fighting on our own
spend their time in politics
send us fighting into shit

how many people die
for some stupid war
how many people die
i dont want to die
in your fucking war
i dont want to die

now i'm coming home, now i'm coming home,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die
too many mistakes were made, to the sound of a rotarblade,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die
back from this living hell, to the land of the infidel,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die
back from this living hell, to the land of infidel,
i dont want to die, i dont want to die

and so i lie here waiting, time waits for no man here, they let us go in our own way

and so the money goes in, they fly the wounded back, how many people left behind?
Track Name: OK Bye
You keep us afraid
of what they might do
2 million walked the streets but still you went ahead
you sit in your chair
and think youre bullet proof
a stroke of your pen will send them to their death

youre just a chair man
protected by law
you offer justice
no one can afford
you watch on tv behind your walls
now we've come for you
come to stop your war

ok bye, ok bye, ok bye ........etc (re do all these in your own style or your asian call centre woice.... but try and vary each one a little bit)

They Call You Chairman
the "madman"
how long can you ignore millions at your door
your "guns" on our streets
ordered to fire at .....
now we've come for you
we've come to stop your war.......

ok bye, ok bye, ok bye
Track Name: Gone
Today could be a good day
Today could be our last day
You never know your time to die
My days are spent far underground
Away from infra red and gunsights
They'll never find us here

Ill put them back
Ill put them back into the ground

The trees keep me invisible
No human eye will ever find me
I wont come quietly
There are no devils in these hearts
But their actions cannot pass me
I'll take them one by one

Ill put them back
I'll put them back into the ground

Ill put them back
Track Name: Beautane
One Last prayer to the god of despair
(no going home, there's nowhere to go)
one more drop for the firing squad
(youre up to the wall, up to the wall)
the shot will stop you dead on the spot

all i hear, the railway lines, how many years will it take

nothing but the long slow drop
(no turning back, its all going black)
how deep will you go, into the hole
(into the hole, youre into the hole)
huddled masses, cold in the dark

all i see, the black and white, flickering screen of despair

the sun burns down, on a desert world
nothing but concrete and waste
i see it all, i see it all, through a can of butane

money buys, all you dont need,
a stab in the back for your greed
i see it all, i see it all, i see all time stands still

I'm beautiful, so beautiful, with a can of beau-tane
Track Name: Hooligan Jihad
50 Dogs, Broken Burner
Freezing Squat, No Light

Hooligan Jihad

Gender Terror, Ice Cream
Hand-woven, Vegan Kitchen

Hooligan Jihad

Broken Sink, Plum Vodka
Pedal Power, Banana Wine

Hooligan Jihad

You can't play crust in fucking flip-flops.....

You ruined my crust dream with your fucking flip-flops....

Hey Mark...let's go buy kuemmerling.....one hit....coma

Hooligan Jihad
Hooligan Jihad
Hoo -Li -Gan -Ji -Had