One Last prayer to the god of despair
(no going home, there's nowhere to go)
one more drop for the firing squad
(youre up to the wall, up to the wall)
the shot will stop you dead on the spot

all i hear, the railway lines, how many years will it take

nothing but the long slow drop
(no turning back, its all going black)
how deep will you go, into the hole
(into the hole, youre into the hole)
huddled masses, cold in the dark

all i see, the black and white, flickering screen of despair

the sun burns down, on a desert world
nothing but concrete and waste
i see it all, i see it all, through a can of butane

money buys, all you dont need,
a stab in the back for your greed
i see it all, i see it all, i see all time stands still

I'm beautiful, so beautiful, with a can of beau-tane


from Hooligan Jihad, released September 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Last Under The Sun Birmingham, UK

Fast Chaotic Hardcore Punk Rock from Birmingham England. Last Under The Sun includes members of Police Bastard, Jilted Generation, Less for Murder & Lokey. Some of the bands that Last Under The Sun have played with include: Subhumans, Active Minds, Red Flag 77, Drongos for Europe, Headjam, Bus Station Looonies, Kismet HC, Dufus, Tiny Elvis, Sensa Yuma, Tarantism, D.O.A, Agrotoxico, Unkind, Uganga. ... more

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